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CNY (ConnectNY) Inc.

Academic Libraries Sharing Collections
CNY (ConnectNY) Inc. now includes 18 academic libraries in NY state sharing approximately 9 million volumes through an Inn-Reach system hosted by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. This group focuses on both collection development and collection management and recent initiatives include a patron-driven e-book acquisition program funded from a 1% acquisition fee formula agreed to by the group and a print archiving initiative that is focused on the monograph collections held in common and accessed through the union catalog system. CNY Mission and Goals Statements: Here is the current mission statement for ConnectNY: ConnectNY is a consortium of independent academic institutions in New York State. The mission of ConnectNY is to share collections, leverage resources, and enhance services through cooperative initiatives and coordinated activities. With this Mission in mind, here are the formal consortial goals of ConnectNY: a union catalog with a single interface; unmediated, user-friendly request services operating in real time; efficient and rapid delivery of materials; administrative and support staff to implement projects and maintain the technical infrastructure; opportunities for collaborative collection development; leveraging of staff expertise and member strengths; opportunities for more cost effective local system enhancements. And finally this overarching conclusion: To accomplish these goals, ConnectNY will be a self-sustaining consortia operating within a membership governance structure and budget model. ConnectNY will seek to expand membership and interface effectively with other consortia to further enhance and leverage cooperation.
Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Electronic content loading/presentation
Interlibrary loan/document delivery
Storage facilities
Union lists/shared online catalogs