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CARE – Coordinamento per l’Accesso alle Risorse Elettroniche

“Favorire il raggiungimento di economie nell’acquisto e nella gestione delle risorse elettroniche”

CARE is part of CRUI, the Association of Italian Rectors <;.

The aim of CARE is to facilitate the acquisition and management of the electronic resources, improving the quality of contractual clauses, the reliability of the access and preservation of data; to strengthen the bargaining power of the Universities in respect of the International Editors; to facilitate the cooperation with others Universities  and Consortia at the Global level.

According with the mandate given by the Universities, CARE takes care of the negotiation with all the Editors and the electronic resources Producers on behalf of all the Academic and Reserch Institutions in Italy.

CARE activities are managed by 4 Full time Staff members, administratives and librarians + 16 Board Librarians and Scholars + Voluntary Librarians coming from the University Members as negotiators.

All the Libraries of the 79 Italian Universities, members or affiliated to CRUI, are referring to CARE.

Principal Consortial Functions
Electronic content licensing