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Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Communauté française de Belgique

Financed jointly by the French Community of Belgium and the universities, BICfB has made possible the university libraries to maintain and increase the offer in quality electronic resources and to guarantee their access to all their users (professors, researchers and students), whatever the size of their institution. The negotiation of electronic resources in consortium and the launching of projects have also developed a new cohesion between the teams of the institutions’ members of BICfB.

The main missions of BICfB are:

  • to take part in the development of a policy, common to the universities, for the access to electronic resources;
  • to develop activities of co-operation between the Belgian French-speaking university libraries and, particularly, as regards electronic documentation, by taking care, on the one hand to satisfy the specific needs of each institution and, on the other hand, to defend their common interests;
  • to increase the value of scientific production of the Belgian French-speaking universities through several projects and studies.
Principal Consortial Functions
Collections sharing
Electronic content licensing
Other Functions
Projects and studies (digital preservation, Open Access...)